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Here I present possible content for coaching.

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Psychological counseling or coaching can have many forms and benefits. In principle, psychologists and psychotherapists can be called upon to answer many questions that affect the functioning of individuals and groups due to their training and experience. 

For example, psychological counseling is always an option if clients:

  • would like to acquire specialist knowledge of psychological or psychotherapeutic topics

  • would like professional assessments or advice on such topics

  • Want to receive information about various advice, support and treatment options

  • Have suffering in certain areas, but this does not have any significance as a disorder (i.e. would not justify a diagnosis and justify therapy)

  • want continued support after (outpatient or inpatient) therapy, e.g. for reintegration or relapse prevention

Coaching is usually long-term support that is individual, topic-related and goal-oriented and is intended to reflect and further develop your personality, relationships or work. In contrast to psychotherapy, the problems here are not of a disturbing nature. 

Typical topics for counseling and coaching may include:

  • AD(H)D

  • Autism spectrum disorders

  • Adjustment difficulties with life changes

  • Disabilities, serious illnesses, or surgeries

  • Career issues

  • Exhaustion and stress

  • Family problems

  • Gender-specific issues

  • High intelligence, high sensitivity

  • Identity conflicts

  • Impulsivity and aggression

  • Impulse control disorders/ "behavioral addictions": e.g. gambling, internet use (pornography, gaming, social media), "shopping addiction", excessive sexual behavior

  • Lack of joy/ well-being

  • Physical complaints

  • Culture-specific (inter/transcultural) issues

  • Relationship problems

  • Problematic substance use: alcohol, medications, drugs (Note: in case of current addiction, only psychotherapy is suitable) Self-esteem issues, self-criticism

  • Social insecurity

  • Mood swings or fluctuations

  • Grief/ Loss

What I often convey in coaching:

  • Mindfulness, compassion and acceptance

  • Building healthy/useful and breaking down unhealthy/harmful rituals and habits

  • Reflect on biographical development and family patterns

  • Promoting flexibility and motivation, reducing avoidance behavior and rigidity

  • Recognize interaction patterns and change them if necessary

  • Recognize personality parts, modes and schemas and change them if necessary

  • Positive psychology, resilience and resources

  • Self-acceptance, self-care, self-esteem promotion

  • Overcoming conflicts of needs and values, blockages and obstacles to development

  • Exercises for mindfulness, relaxation, meditation, promoting psychological flexibility

For more information about my focus on diversity, please click here:

Gender sensitivity

Cultural sensitivity

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