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Here you can see a few impressions from our group practice at Jansastraße 12, 12045 Berlin-Neukölln.

The practice is run by Stuart Andreas and Camille Lasnier, who have been renting the rooms since 2021 and have been main tenants since 2023. 

The name SinnenRaum (Sensory Space) should play associatively with themes that should shape our work: 

-Sense such as sensuality, mindfulness of the senses and intuition

-"sinnen" in German means, reflect, let your thoughts wander

-Sense such as meaningfulness and value orientation

The practice community

Care. Diversity. Connectedness.

We come together from different social professional groups because we are united by common values (particularly the commitment to social diversity and equality).

We value the location in the Neukölln district as a place of encounter, challenge, enrichment and growth. It is important to us to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere and a safe place for everyone to develop in the shared spaces. Our diverse team offers various offers in the areas of therapy, counseling and body work in different languages.


Are you looking for rental rooms? Can you identify with our approach?  Are you fine with the conditions?

Then please contact Stuart or Camille and briefly introduce yourself and your work. If it's suitable, we'll arrange an appointment to view it and get to know each other.

Email Stuart:

Email Camille:


The rooms look like an apartment in a typical old Berlin building. There are three rooms that can be rented, plus a waiting area (kitchen including cloakroom) and a bathroom (unfortunately not barrier-free).

A sense of community and a warm climate are important to us. We work with sensitive clients and want everyone to feel welcome and respected.

We strive to keep rental costs low so that as many people and professional groups as possible can afford the rooms.

Freie Zeiten (Stand 04/24)

Therapieraum (Bild: oben rechts, unten rechts)
Montag: 13-17
Dienstag: 9-13
Mittwoch: 9-13
Donnerstag: 9-13
Freitag: 13-17 und 17-21
Samstag 9-13, 13-17, 17-21

Sonntag 9-13, 13-17, 17-21

Hofraum (Bild: Mitte links):
Montag: 17-21
Dienstag: 13-17 (ab 1. Juni auch 9-13)
Mittwochs 17-21
Donnerstag: 17-21
Freitag: 13-17 und 17-21 (ab 1. Juni auch 9-13)

Samstag 9-13, 13-17, 17-21

Sonntag 9-13, 13-17, 17-21

Fensterraum (Bild: oben links, unten links)

aktuell keine freien Zeiten

photo_2024-03-17 10.12.07.jpeg


Du interessierst dich für unsere Räume? Dann nimm gerne Kontakt mit uns auf.

Schreib uns bitte nur, wenn du mit den Konditionen einverstanden bist und für dich (mindestens) 2 passende Blöcken findest 

Danke für deine Nachricht. Wir melden uns in Kürze zurück

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